PSA « SHIELD » has a range of modern services for the armed protection and security.


Protection of life and health (personal protection, bodyguard services);
Security of objects and property (including its transportation, armed escort of goods);
Security monitoring service (GPS protection of mobile objects, design, installation and maintenance of security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance systems, access control;
Consultation and drafting of recommendations for clients on questions of legal protection against security incident;
Peacekeeping in places of mass events;
Pass control on-site;
The protection of objects and property, execution of pass control and intrasite on-sites with special requirements for their anti-terrorist security.
Transport security: execution of protection of property and the transport infrastructure.
Passing on the links, you can get acquainted with a standard set of our services. This is not the entire list of services offered. We also provide: support and protection of goods and material values; a rapid response team and more. At your request we will consider your case and find a way out of the precarious difficult situation with minimal losses.
Full security cycle:
The company’s specialists will organize a full cycle of security protection of objects:
– From design work, equipment selection, installation, system start-up with its warranty and post-warranty maintenance of taking up the object under security monitoring service or physical protection.
– Will provide consulting services;
– will train your staff to work on the installed equipment,
-the security interests of our clients, either in normal life, and in abnormal, critical situations.