About agency

Efficient process of our work and personnel’s experience of PSA “Shield” guarantee reliable protection, provides life safety and health and safety of material assets, which are trusted to the agency for protection.

Private security agency “Shield” was created with the support of the Coordination Council of Veterans Organizations of the war in Afghanistan and other military operations. Nowadays, “Shield” works closely with Social organization “Officers of Russia”. The agency sees its mission in the employment of veterans of the armed conflict, their social adaptation.

By its nature, and international standards Private security agency “Shield” aims to be more like a private military company. Its main task is to provide professional security services in a high level of criminal and terrorist threats.

Management of PSA “Shield” solves following problems:

– His client’s defense;
– The safety of life and health of its employees;
– elimination of threats client’s financial assets, his image;
– Ensuring safe working conditions in areas with high risk of terrorism.